[INFO] Mamamoo Schedule Updates!


Mamamoo will appear on KBS Hello Counselor and Sketchbook! \o/

OMG I’m dead


i’ve never been that much disappointed in YG producers than i am now


Tablo and Masta Wu chose Yook Jidam instead of Jolly V and others..like man wtf


dude r u srs

I must be the only one or idk but the high school girl should have been eliminated 2 eps ago, she raps well okay yeah but she has a teacher like wtf?? She’s learning rap, she even forgot her lyrics and passed and who can be Jolly V eliminated and not her??

I’m so done with this


i really don’t know in what world this high school girl is better than jolly v. get.ur.head.out.of.ur.ass.pls.


where can i find smtm 3 full subbed episodes not just b.i. and bobby cuts ?

help pls

here :D


Luhan as EXO-M's Leader

  • Suho: Luhan, our show starts in 10 minutes, where is everyone?
  • Luhan: What do you mean? EXO-M is here and ready to go!
  • Suho: Like half your group is missing.
  • Luhan: No, they're not! I'm here... Xiumin's here... and uh... -points to Tao- the other one's here.
  • Suho: Tao is only here because he used his ninja skills to pack himself in Sehun's suitcase. Two of your members are missing.
  • Luhan: Look, Xiumin's here so I doubt fans will even notice if Yisha-
  • Suho: Yixing.
  • Luhan: - and Jennifer -
  • Suho: Jongdae.
  • Luhan: -are here.