200% sure that all of my friend have secret meetings where they just talk about how annoying I am

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I’m not obsessed with Xiumin *makes weird faces*

I don’t have another tumblr and it’s all about Xiumin, nope (?)
When you put xiuminlilcunt in google, that twitter account it’s not me (?)

I hate you Minseok T____T


Tablo, don’t lie to me, you want giriboy back because he said he wanted to be in your team, joking aside yeah giriboy will be in top8 at this rate.

LOL Giriboy chose ydg team, I can’t hahahahahahahaha

Watching ep 4 and I need them to bring back the high school guy with glasses, well I knew it was very odd to eliminate so good rappers, bringĀ  giriboy and B.I, well even thought it was obvious that they were going to come back.

I feel so alone watching this show T___T

WTF YDG? I would of failed Jung Sangsoo’s ass right after he said the N word.



I love u YDG, but get your shit together.